This company has been involved in the printing and packaging industry for over 50 years. While the core business has been through a number of changes throughout that time, we are still involved in the production of gift tags of all kinds (using our Whirlwind automatic stringing machine), alongside our hand finishing and packing services.

Over our many years of working in the printing and print finishing industries, we have produced a vast array of finished goods, from the entire range of tags (shaped, glittered, folded, clothing, Xmas etc) to all manner of finished packs for both wholesale and retail.

We have an experienced and reliable team of workers, capable of producing fast and high quality hand finishing. We have handled a vast array of products in both cards, tags and accessories, as well as all kinds of retail displayers.

We have worked with all of the largest publishers in the UK, and quite a number from across Europe. Our reputation for fast reliable service has been earned and kept, allowing us to continue in this business since its beginnings back in the 1950s.

Under the umbrella of Bluett & Co we now also have a growing wine rack, storage & display business – more at

Feel free to get in touch with us to see where we can help.

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